About Me

     I am a 3rd year Kindergarten teacher in Roanoke, Virginia where I was born and raised (Star City of the South). I teach at an amazing urban school with a very diverse student population. I just got married last summer and my husband is also a teacher, soon to be a principal...SO PROUD! We have a dog named Bodi, but no kids yet (16 kiddos are enough for now). I have worked as a waitress and bartender for 10 years now and still work part-time because I have a very expensive TJ Maxx addiction. I am very close to my mom and sister and they are the most amazing women I know.

I never wanted to be a teacher as a child but knew I had to work with kids. Being a good teacher is my calling and it’s what I was put on this earth to do.
I love technology:  I have some how found myself as the technology chair for my building and have luckily fixed quite a number of tech glitches for fellow teachers (also with some help from google and my ITRT Husband.)  I can't live without my Smartboard or Pinterest.  I obsess over finding new apps for kids to use on my iPhone and iPad.   My kids have turned into technology gurus themselves.  They are constantly introducing me to new games and resources they find on their own.

I love pranks:  The pranks started early for me. I began prank phone calling in elementary school, SORRY MOM!  My bottom desk drawer is filled with wigs, whoopee cushions, candy bandaids and goofy props, all have proven to be very valuable teaching resources.  

I love singing and dancing or anything that has to do with making a fool out of myself.  Anyone who has Mrs. P as a teacher will suffer through many performances throughout the year.  The Wobble and Michael Jackson are just a few of my faves, but I also enjoy making up my own ballads, just to humor my kids.

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