Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Money Booklet FREEBIE!

For Money Booklet Freebie CLICK HERE!

     I just created this today for my kiddos who are having a hard time during our money unit.  There is a page for each coin for children to: write the name of the coin, label heads and tails, and to identify the value.  On the last page, kids will make crayon rubbings of each coin in the designated box.  I plan to use it tomorrow and hope you all will find it helpful as well.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pattern Book Freebie

I use this Pattern Booklet for at least a week with my kiddos.  Each day I introduce a new pattern and at the end of class, I have the kids color in their page for that pattern.  At the end of the pattern unit, students are able to create their own patterns using shapes, pictures, numbers, etc.  Enjoy!

Chalkboard Word Wall Letters

   I made these in another color over Summer to match my color scheme in my classroom.... They look amazing on my word wall.  Head over to my TPT store to get your own in PRETTY PINK!

Original Post: April 2014

After months and months of procrastination, I have finally started my blog (in case you hadn't already noticed). The first step was to come up with a witty name for said blog. I spent hours googling, "words that rhyme with Mrs. P," but unfortunately "big tree" and "Mrs. P' didn't work well together in the title of this blog. So finally late one night, it just dawned on me: Anything But Kindergarten! 

So now to explain my reasoning behind this possibly offensive headline: Anything But Kindergarten.

     It took me 5 years of college to finally decide on a major. My future careers changed every year, going from: Physician's Assistant, Psychologist to the final choice, A TEACHER. I love kids and I used to be one myself so it seemed like a very fitting profession. A few months before I was scheduled to start student teaching, my professor had me fill out a wish list for the grades I wanted to experience. You start off in grades 3-5 then K-2. My first semester, I ended up in 4th grade and I LOVED it. I had an amazing cooperating teacher and my kiddos were the best dancers I'd ever seen (a very important trait in students). The next semester I requested to be in 2nd grade, because going any younger SCARED ME TO DEATH. I was certain I would miss my 4th graders too. I ended up student teaching in 1st grade next. After a couple of weeks of observing, I was finally feeling comfortable and oh did those 1st graders love me! There was definitely a learning curve, but by the end I was OBSESSED with 1st grade.

     After graduation, the job hunt began.  Jobs for elementary teachers were few and far between so being picky was not an option. I only had one request: NO KINDERGARTEN. I was so uncomfortable with teaching Kindergarten.

-They are so little! 
-Will I make them cry? 
-I will probably be tying shoes all day. 
-I don't want to sit around and sing corny songs all day. 
-How do you teach kids how to read? 
-Do I have to talk like a Kindergarten teacher? (you know that voice). 

     There was just no way I could teach kids that young. After month and months of waiting for the call, I finally got it, 6 weeks into the school year. The school calling had very large class sizes and needed to create a new 1st grade and Kindergarten class...AWESOME. I know how to teach 1st grade! After NAILING and interview (I like to think), I got a call back from Human Resources 3 days later...offering me a position as Wasena Elementary's new............... KINDERGARTEN TEACHER.

      I am now in my 3rd year of teaching Kindergarten and never plan to leave. Yes they are little, but they grow. Yes I tie a lot of shoes but thank goodness for Velcro. I don’t use a Kindergarten teacher voice, and I DO sing A LOT, but only crazy songs I make up myself along with a few popular hits…Thanks Macklemore! And best of all, I teach kids how to read…no really I have... a bunch of them. I mean how many people can say they have taught kids how to read? Its kinda crazy when you think about it but it’s the most fascinating thing to witness day in and day out.

     There are a lot of things about my job that I love but my favorite has to be the laughter. I consider myself a comedian and Kindergartners make the BEST audience. Everything I say is funny and a room full of laughter is a major confidence booster (the whoopee cushions and wigs in my desk help too). I am not the only comic in the class. The things these kiddos say will never get old. 

  So back to my title.  I swore I'd never teach Kindergarten, I had trouble even spelling the word kindergarten, but now I know I am where I need to be: IN KINDERGARTEN!